1993 – 1997 English

History fromĀ 1993 to 1997

As part of our fifth anniversary the very first Open Stage evening (Tussen-de-Schuifdeuren avond) was held. And it became a success. Zangzaad participated in the European Gay &Lesbian Choir Festival in Zuerich. They got back home with the assignment to organize likewise (!) in Groningen in 1995 ! Zangzaad performed during the holidays of Aids patients in Huize Ysselvliedt at Wezep for the first time. The lustrum concert took place in Huize Maas (Groningen).


In het kader van Gay Pride nam Zangzaad deel aan het korenfestival in de Rode Hoed.


Power to our friends (Huize IJsselvliedt)

In de korenronde werd opgetreden in het kerkje van Garmerwolde.
Zangzaad feestte mee met de jarige Mac.
Op 1 december bracht Zangzaad in de foyer van de Oosterpoort nummers ten gehore ter gelegenheid van Wereld AIDS-dag.
Er was een optreden in Huize IJsselvliedt in Wezep en er werden in de tuinen foto’s gemaakt.

The year of Various Voices in Groningen (European Gay & Lesbian Choir festival). Many choirs performed throughout Groningen (City & Province), which concluded in a 1600-visitors(!) evening at the Evenementenhall. To round up the evening the Various Voices hymn was sung. This song has been composed by Marijke Harsevoort and given its lyrics by Hannie Diemer.
A resounding success.


Alle koren bijeen voor een samenzang op het stationsplein

After the festival the choir took some time off to recover on the beautiful island of Ameland.
As a result of the festival Zangzaad was invited to come to Emden.
In Utrecht we performed at the jubilee of the Cantatori del Duomo. Some snapshots of our singing together.

In this year Cantatori del Duomo returned our visit and came to our “Kermis Concert” in Huize Maas. In Oldenburg we performed on Christopher Street Day, the German/American Pink Saturday. The first of December we co-hosted the Aids Benefit night in Huize Maas. Preparations were started for Various Voices ’97 in Munich.

Zangzaad travelled to Various Voices in the Munich Philharmonic to put their repertory of cowboy songs on stage for the first time.
Accompanied by a cow and a campfire (a camp fire, indeed!)schild




Street performance in Munich on Saterday morning.

Hamburg’s Schola Cantorosa invited us for the entire weekend and we took part in both concert nights.

Zangzaad got new T-shirts that year with a musical illustration on the chest.